July 6 - 9 2023, Sugar Land, Texas!

brick rodeo

Brick Rodeo LEGO® Fan Exhibition will be in Sugar Land, Texas on July 6th — 9th, 2023 at the Houston Marriott Sugar Land.

Brick Rodeo includes 4 days of family-friendly LEGO® activities: private convention, public exhibition, games, presentations, giveaways, and social gatherings with fellow AFOLs!

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Brick Rodeo 2022



FAN FAVORITE: Casa Madrigal

Created By Bart Marable

With hundreds of votes from fans, AFOLs and the public, this year's winner was magical.

Drawers! Floors! Doors! The magical Madrigals are here to welcome you to their beloved Casita. Just don't talk about Bruno. Bart also created the Brick Rodeo 2022 Taco Kit. Follow Bart at: @bartsbrickworks

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