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Brick Rodeo Branding Guidelines

Need Our Logo?

All Brick Rodeo branding guidelines and assets files can be found and downloaded below.

Branding Guidelines

PDF file with full details on how/how not to use the Brick Rodeo brand assets. Official Brick Rodeo colors & fonts are also included.

Branding Assets

ZIP file with full Brick Rodeo design, font and art files for use in digital (RGB) or print (CMYK) media. Brand board included.
  • #002868

    Dark Blue

    R: 000
    G: 040
    B: 104
    C: 100
    M: 092
    Y: 030
    K: 023
  • #BF0A30


    R: 191
    G: 010
    B: 048
    C: 017
    M: 100
    Y: 086
    K: 007


    R: 255
    G: 255
    B: 255
    C: 000
    M: 000
    Y: 000
    K: 000

    Download Agreement

    By downloading the Brick Rodeo assets, branding guide and/or any other Brick Rodeo content, you are agreeing to the Brick Rodeo Privacy Policy and all rules and laws regarding the Brick Rodeo copyright and branding guidelines.